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Donations To SOFTMUSiC.oRG
Donations To SOFTMUSiC.oRG

Since you clicked on the donations link you must be thinking about donating to this site. You may also be wondering how you go about it and what exactly you get in return for your donation.

Well, the answer to this is very simple. (you will get more benefits):

1. The first time you help the community at monthly expenses.
2. Receive a custom name / title and Rang V.I.P. Member! and access to exclusive tracks that are only for VIP+ members.
3. No waiting period for see download links and receive extra support from staff!
4. Acces to permanet links (zippyshare, filescdn and FTP direct download with 1000mb/s) and the section TOP50.
5. Have priority in your unlimited requests on shoutbox (for a normal member the limit is 1-2 request per/day).
6. Immunity to auto-ban if you breach the terms and conditions!
7. Immunity to account deletion when inactive for more than 90 days.
8. Most important of all you will own the website alive!

Minimum Donations is 5€!

You basically donate to this site knowing you enjoy it. Everyone is on a level playing field here. Nobody can buy their way to a seed free life or a status they do not deserve. We hope this gains us some respect from the community.

Currently we can only accept Bitcoin, Paypal donations and Credit Card:

Bitcoin address:

Bitcoin QR code:

PS. A few helpful links if you're unfamiliar with bitcoins:
What are bitcoins?
Buying bitcoins.

Paypal or Credit Card:
click here!

If you want to Donate by other methods: Skrill, Neteller, Payoneer, Advcash, Payeer etc. please contact Staff.

How to get the Rang VIP after donation?

For the moment being, we do not have any automated system for this instead, please go to the Staff. page and send us a message containing your username what have or what want to create for you. Do this directly after that you have sent the donation, please.

Where does my coins go to?

Your coins go solely to the running cost of the servers and B/W needed to keep this site running.
All donations are much appreciated. Without your support we simply would not and will not be here.
Thanks to everyone who donates to keep us alive!

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  • Anonymous - Writed before 8 hours
  • sorry perpetual motion .
  • Anonymous - Writed before 9 hours
  • perperpetual motion - lifes too short extended
  • Anonymous - Writed before 9 hours
  • Jay de Lys - Aftersex (Original Mix) / Lonely, Rhoowax - Untitled (Original Mix) / Dee no - We Go (Original Mix) / Daniele Kama, Simone Burrini - La Paloma (Paul Cart Remix) / Marco C., Elle-T - Respect (Original Mix) / David Herrero - Gloriosus (Original Mix) / David Penn Feat. Buika - One Song(David Herrero Remix) /
  • Anonymous - Writed before 11 hours
  • Wait comming all request what is OUT
  • Anonymous - Writed before 13 hours
  • Ramon Bedoya, INSOLENTES - Your Love (Original Mix) / Tini Garcia, Ramon Bedoya - Se Quema El Monte (Original Mix) / Ramon Bedoya - Los Montes (Tini Garcia Remix) / Ramon Bedoya - Etelvina De La Hoz (Original Mix) / Ramon Bedoya, Belier & Ribass - En La Altura (Original Mix) / Dave Rosen, Juan Ddd - Las Cosa Esa (Original Mix) / Vincenzo Damico - Restart (Original Mix) /
  • Anonymous - Writed before 14 hours
  • Tomi&Kesh, Alessandro Diruggiero - A Trip To Napoli (Original Mix) / Tomi&Kesh, Gustaff - After At Home (Original Mix) / Tomi&Kesh, Gustaff - Bang Bang (Original Mix) / Popof, Stefano Kosa - Mobile Beats (Original Mix) / Popof, Stefano Kosa - Synaptic (Original Mix) / Juan DDD & Celic - Stronger (Stefano Kosa Remix) / Stefano Kosa - House You (Original Mix) /
  • Anonymous - Writed before 1 day
  • Please check database some request is uploaded!
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  • Earth n Days - Tobago (Original Mix)
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  • Sean Finn & Paul Jockey - Dare Me (Original Mix)
  • Anonymous - Writed before 1 week
  • Request:I Want Extended Mix Jebu