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Christopher Ivor / Kellie Sakkaku / Black Girl / White Girl / Taran & Lomov / Sweed, Jalana / Dropboxx / Delgado, Darren Fletcher / Fisher / Mus Saadloud / Argy, Blue Jay / Haw / Latmun, Iglesias / Doriaan / Waze & Odyssey, Greed / Hyperloop / Nnau / Tomi de Lutier / Ivan Lopez / Croatia Squad, Me & My Toothbrush / Mihai Popoviciu / Claptone, Nathan Nicholson / The Cube Guys / Jody Barr / DanielSK / Soledrifter / Romy Black / Meleshkin / Mario Ochoa / Kid Massive / Anthony Keyrouz / Sante Sansone / Pavel Svetlove, Becky Rutherford, Dan Taneff / Anfunk, Alessio Cala / Hobo / Charlie Sparks / 5prite / Mark Armitage / Olav Basoski ft. Spyder / David K. / Husky feat. Shyam P / Senja in Bali (Original Mix) / Infection (Original Mix) / Time Again Deep (Original Mix) / Move Me (Jean Bacarreza Remix) / Hey You (Original Mix) / Gold (Herhangi - Mercury Edit) / Bugged Out (Acapella) / I Need You Tonight (Jamie Lewis Re-Twist) / Cum De Te Lasa (Radio Edit) / Outta Nowhere (Original Mix) / Everyday (Boghosian Remix) / New Love (feat. Holly Brewer) (Extended Mix) / 24k Stayin Alive (MashUp Edit) / Memories (Original Mix) / Din Din (Nicola Fasano Edit) / The Chaos (Original Mix) / Mothership (Club Re-edit) / Thing For You (Agoria Remix) / Dream-N-Night (NerveStrain, Rio Dela Duna & Deekey Remix) / The Chase (Original Mix) / That Feeling (Original Mix) / Rap Attack (Original Mix) / Survive (Extended VIP Mix) / Furrow (Instrumental Version) / Teardrops (DiMO (BG) Extended Remix) / Save Us (Original Mix) / On Repeat (Extended Mix) / Take This Record (Original Mix) / T-Bone Tonight (Original Mix) / My Girl (Extended Mix) / Madera (Joe Manina, Antonio Manero Spaziani Extended Mix) / Dont get Mad (Original Mix) / Wabi Sabi (Lauhaus Remix) / Baobab (Original Mix) / California (Original Mix) / Happy Hours 3-(4061707058110)-2018 / Fck It ! (Original Mix) / Keep Up (Original Mix) / Z Side (Original Mix) / Yes I Do (Rich NXT Remix) /
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  • Anonymous - Writed before 3 days
  • Kings Of Tomorrow - Finally (Sonny Fodera Remix)
  • Anonymous - Writed before 4 days
  • S O F T M U S I C . O R G will make another design without chat! requests
  • Anonymous - Writed before 1 week
  • @Bobo1231 please read the chat request will be available on filemp3.net
  • Anonymous - Writed before 1 week
  • Claptone - Party Girl (Anthony Part Edit)
  • Anonymous - Writed before 1 week
  • if you find even an ext vers its even better
  • Anonymous - Writed before 1 week
  • Benny Benassi & Chris Nasty - Inside
  • Anonymous - Writed before 1 week
  • Jack Back - Put Your Phone Down (Low) (LUX LEVIN BOOTLEG) pls
  • Anonymous - Writed before 1 week
  • ok we understand ..about the track and the ID Yes is difficult to find some tracks if not have the real name! so ..in the future please use filemp3.net or filemp3.info for download or make requests. softmusic soon will close the chat.and the design. ENJOY!
  • Anonymous - Writed before 1 week
  • OK!! - Original Track is called Spandau Ballet - True and Nora En Pure sampled the melody but tagged the song title as Saltwater [2015] - amazing track to help you ease into the Spring/Summer mood! Sometimes these IDs are tricky..
  • Anonymous - Writed before 1 week
  • @DPK - My request is an ID for the previously mentioned track. I tried searching WhoSampled.com but I could not find anything. It sounds so familiar but I cannot seem to find anything for it?